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Bath Bombs

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Take a relaxing bath to the next level with one of our beautiful bath bombs. Made with Epsom Salts and Coconut Oil, they soothe the senses and moisturize the skin. These large 5oz. bath bombs will last a bit; spinning, oozing, releasing great fragrance.

Available in these scents:

Lavender - A classic for great relaxation.

Eucalyptus - Great, natural remedy for congestion.

Beachy - Coconutty goodness.

Gettin' Figgy - Brown Sugar and Fig.

Rosey - Beautifully sweet rose aroma.

Girly Girl - Floral with a crisp fruity brightness.

Midnight - Dark and mysteriously alluring.

Kissed by the Sea - Clean ocean air with a sweet yet salty vibe.

Making Magic - Sweet, soft rose petal touched with peach, plum and grapefruit.

Energize Me - Beautifully tropic blend of fruit and flower.